U.S. House Democrats ask Deutsche Bank to provide info on Trump accounts

Democrats on a U.S. of House of Representatives panel have asked Deutsche Bank to provide information on whether any accounts connected to President Donald...

NATO to join anti-Daesh coalition, Stoltenberg says

NATO will join the U.S.-led anti-Daesh coalition Thursday at a summit with President Donald Trump, alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg said. "This will send a strong...

UK stops sharing intelligence with US after leak

Leaks from an investigation into the Manchester terror attack are undermining the probe, British police said on Thursday as the BBC reported that police...

Iran introduces third underground ballistic missile factory right after Trump’s Mideast visit

Iran has built a third underground ballistic missile production factory and will keep developing its missile program, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on...

2 explosions hit public-transport terminal in Indonesian capital, 1 policeman killed

A suicide bomber launched an attack outside a busy bus terminal in the Indonesian capital Jakarta Wednesday, killing one policeman in the latest assault...

Muslims reported Manchester bomber Abedi, but UK police failed to take precautions, worker claims

In the piece published in the BBC's Turkey service on Wednesday, it was reported that many individuals from the Muslim society reported him to...

Ransomware Wannacry hits Russian postal service, some computers still down

Russia's postal service was hit by Wannacry ransomware last week and some of its computers are still down, three employees in Moscow said, the...

Brazil deploys soldiers to defend gov’t buildings after attack by protesters

Brazil's agriculture ministry was evacuated Wednesday after protesters demanding President Michel Temer's resignation got inside, setting a fire and vandalizing the premises, an official...

At lеаst 22 people dеаd, 59 wounded after suicide bоmbing at Ariаnа Grаndе concert...

A suicide bоmbing outside the Manchester Arena in Englаnd killеd 22 people, including children, and sеt оff chаоs and scrеаms аmоng the crоwd of...

1,000 march in Rоmаniаn gay pride pаrаdе as gоvеrnmеnt mоvеs to limit LGBT rights

BUCHAREST, Romania — Sоmе 1, 000 pеоplе jоinеd a gay pride march in the Rоmаniаn cаpitаl of Buchаrеst оn Sаturdаy, dеmаnding grеаtеr rights amid...


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